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The Alumni Association of Lincoln University, Inc. has been around since 1872. Obviously we have maintained support and relevance down through a number of great generations to today. Lincoln greats like Langston Hughes and Thurgood Marshall felt that membership were so important in our organization that they took the time out of busy and august activities and careers to serve as National Officers!

We believe that the primary benefit of being a member is that your demonstrated commitment through paying your dues annually of for a lifetime is a validation of the value of the education and experience you had at Lincoln University. Further, we believe that your membership is a demonstration of the faith and active support of your fellow alumni in the fulfillment of a role that only we can play in the health and vitality of an institution that has proven vital to our community, the nation and even the world.

Finally, we the leaders of the AALU believe that a core benefit of your membership is the demonstrated trust that we and all alumni who LOVE LINCOLN will continue to support our alma mater actively, responsibly and in an organized and systematic way. Hail, Hail Lincoln!

Your Membership Benefits

  • Be heard as a part of the official exclusive recognized voice (by the university) and body of Lincoln’s alumni in all alumni relations and matters pertaining to the university
  • Be able to give back and know that you are a part of an organization that has impact and is making a difference in an area that matters to you for a small and often insignificant amount of money on a person-by-person basis
  • Be able to pack a punch and have influence by teaming a small portion of your funds with other alumni to reach a mass of resources that measure up and give alumni added clout
  • Be included on annual AALU donations and gifts to Lincoln University
  • Be included in addition to any direct gifts as a contributor to Lincoln University Scholarships and programs
  • Be included as contributor to annual book scholarships for students
  • Be able to vote for your choice of Alumni Elected University Trustees (6) who represent Lincoln’s Alumni on the university’s governing Board of Trustees
  • Be able to vote for Association President, Vice President & Treasurer
  • Be able to exercise your ability to vote on issues of concern germane to the AALU at annual and yearly meetings
  • Be able to directly serve in a voluntary and leadership capacity on programs, activities and initiatives if you so choose
  • Be able to gain admission to on and off campus membership exclusive events
  • Be able to order customized AALU outerwear and paraphernalia
  • Special commercial and customized consumer-based benefits and discounts are in the process of being negotiated in areas like credit cards, airlines, hotels and discount retail outlets
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The Alumni Association of Lincoln University, PA is a 501 (c) 3 

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